Divine Feminine Soul Healer + WildHeart Whisperer + LIGHT WARRIOR ACTIVATOR. 

I’m an adventure seeking, bijou hoarding, nature loving, beach bumming, high-vibing, divine feminine soul healer, wild heart whisperer and light warrior activator with a bit of a wild side.

And I empower women to overcome trauma that keeps them stuck in shame, fear and guilt, and set their hearts wildly free to...


Our soul remembers a time the we were all warriors, that we were all wildly free, that we were all loved unconditionally, and that we all had the magical power within us to create anything we wanted. But because of past trauma that keep us stuck in shame, fear and guilt, we are unable to feel and fully harness that power. But we all still have that power. 

I help you to heal from the trauma that keeps you stuck in shame, fear and guilt so that you are free to harness that power fully, and use it to create anything you want.

You absolutely have the power to create the life that you most crave.

In fact, you are constantly creating. The question is, do you love what you’re creating? If not, it’s time to heal from shame, fear and guilt that are keeping from creating what it is that you really want, and to step boldly into alignment with your divine truth:

The truth that you are an infinite being with infinite possibilities. 
The truth that you are loved completely and unconditionally. 
The truth that you are a perfect and divine creation of this universe. 
The truth that you are one with all that is.
The truth that you have access to an unlimited supply of wisdom prosperity. 
The truth that you have the magical power within you to create absolutely anything you want. 
The truth that you have always been, and will always be more than enough.

It’s now time to come into complete alignment with that truth. It’s now time to align with your heart’s true essence and your soul’s highest intention.

It’s now time to discover who you are again and to set your heart wildly free to

I love singing and laughing out loud, even if I’m the only one in the room, and I believe that there is no greater gift for us to share than our own authenticity. I believe in love, passion and courage. And most importantly, I believe that absolutely anything is possible. 

Don’t waste another minute holding onto the trauma that is keeping you stuck in shame, fear and guilt.

Awaken the warrior within so that you can boldly and fearlessly step into the divine truth of who you came here to be, and tap into the power to magically create anything you want.

Massive love + light. 


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This group was created to help women to awaken the divine feminine warrior within + set their hearts wildly free to Live BOLDLY, Love FIERCELY, Speak FREELY, Shine FULLY and Create MAGICALLY. 

We are all so afraid to live and speak our truth. 
We are all so afraid to let our light shine. 
We are all so afraid to love and to be loved conditionally. 
We are all so afraid that we are not enough. 

This group contains daily inspiration, intuitive guidance, workshops and challenges, that have been specifically designed to help women come into complete alignment with their truth, to align with their heart’s true essence and their soul’s highest intention, and to awaken the warrior within.