Last week I watched a powerful interview with Marie Forleo and Marianne Williamson and it really got me thinking about my own healing journey. The interview itself was called How To Transform Depression, Sadness & Grief Through Spiritual Healing, and it really put into perspective the unhealthy relationship that we have as a society with these emotions that are not only a natural part of of the human experience, but also catalysts for great transformation.
Marianne Williamson discussed the dark knights of the soul. These are the darkest moments in our lives and by far our most earth shattering. But what we always fail to realize in those moments, is the powerful ways in which they are great catalysts for change and transformation. But this change and transformation can only come when we deal with these moments in spiritually healthy ways.
We’ve all heard it all heard things like ‘you have to think positive’ or ‘look on the bright side’. But what we’re really saying when we say things like that is, ‘try to deny what you’re feeling and pretend everything is fine.’ In other words, live in denial.
As a society we have made it inappropriate to feel anything deemed unpleasant. This includes a whole rainbow of natural emotions such as sadness, grief, anger, despair, etc. And we will do just about anything to escape these emotions including medications, addictions and other unhealthy distractions.
We have to remember that as human beings, we have within our nature the gift of being able to feel a wide range of extraordinary emotions. All of which are healthy, even the more challenging ones. They are also an important part of our human experience, not to mention the key to our spiritual evolution. But we need to start dealing with them in more healthy ways that honors their presence in our lives.
The wound is the place where the light enters you!

This is because our wounds are our path to spiritual evolution and enlightenment. But we must first be able to allow the light to enter through our wounds, and that can’t happen if we are in the pattern of pretending that the wounds don’t not exist. Instead, here is a healthy spiritual approach to healing that will not only help you to move through the most trying times in your life, but will also catapult your spiritual evolution in ways that you never thought possible.  

Allow Yourself To Be Genuine About What It Is That You’re Feeling

Denial won’t help you and neither will trying to run and hide from what it is that you’re feeling. As I learned many times, you’re feeling will still be there when you get back no matter how far you go.
Allow yourself some time to deal with and process what it is that you’re feeling. Otherwise the healing process will never begin. This means crying when you need to cry, screaming when you need to scream, and giving yourself the space and the permission to just be sad for a while. How long will be depend on the situation. And obviously you will have to nudge yourself out of that at some point. After all, you don’t want to set up camp here. But you do want to allow for enough time to feel, honor and explore all of your emotions, even the darker ones.

Examine What It Was That The Situation Was Trying To Teach You

Once you’ve sat in your feelings for a while, it’s time to continue on your healing journey. Start to reflect on what it was that the painful experience was trying to teach you and how it was calling you to evolve. Perhaps it was trying to teach you to love yourself or others more, or perhaps it was trying to move your life into a whole new direction that otherwise might not have been possible. Either way, this step is the key to unlocking what will be the next phase in your spiritual evolution.

Forgive Yourself And Others For Any Mistakes

It’s important at this stage in the healing process to find forgiveness. Resentment will only keep you from healing and moving forward. In fact, you’ll more than likely only end up recreating the situation or experience until you do find forgiveness. And it’s important that you forgive all those involved including yourself, so that you can set yourself free to move forward.
And if you can’t forgive just yet, at least hold the space for forgiveness to take place. And then recognize that it is because of this person or situation that you are moving on to the next stage in your spiritual evolution. So at the very least be grateful for that. The forgiveness will come to you when the time is right.

Apply What You’ve learned

Take the gift of this great lesson and begin to apply it to your life in any way possible. Then watch as a whole new life unfolds for you. As you move forward applying what you’ve learned, you'll start to feel so much lighter and brighter. You will also set yourself free from the pain of the experience, keeping with you only the beautiful lesson it delivered. 

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Special Announcement
In order to honour the breathtaking path of spiritual healing and to help guide and inspire others to deal with their emotions in more healthy and spiritually transformative ways, I will be creating a new blog series that will give insights into my own spiritual healing journey. The blog will be a collection of personal stories, experiences and lessons that lead me on my own journey of healing and spiritual transformation. Unedited and unfiltered, these posts will dive deep into the pain and trauma that I experienced, all the wrong ways that I tried to deal with it all and the mess that was created as a result, and how I finally found my way through the darkness and into the light.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!