It happens to so many of us. In our minds we daydream of what could have been, or what could be...if only we had the guts to take a chance!
I know this feeling all too well because this was me for so many years. I had this vivid imagination of what my life could be and then the reality of what it was. But between the two was a massive gap the size of the Grand Canyon. Don’t get me wrong...I am not complaining. The choices that I made served a great purpose and I’ve had many blessing to be grateful for. However, there is so much more left to be experienced.
Often in life we make choices based on what is safe, tried, tested and true. We want to know all outcomes before we commit, and we want to minimize the risks whether these risks are emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual, etc. But as I have said before a thousand times, we never really know the outcomes for anything that happens in our lives. And living to avoid risk is not really living at all. It’s surviving. That is why…
We must stop making choices from a place of fear,
and start making them from a place possibility!
Let me paint the picture for you this way…
Imagine if you will a little bird. And as every little bird does at one point or another, it comes to the point in its life where it has a choice. It can either sit there in its little nest, safely tucked away high up on a tree. Or it can make the choice to jump, and as every little bird should....finally learn to fly!
Now take that picture and put yourself in place of the bird.
You can either stay where you are right now. Where everything feels safe and where everything feels secure. Knowing full well that although here you are somewhat protected, here you will also never spread your wings and fly. Or you can jump.
What do you do?
Just as the little bird sits on that branch, so do you now looking out into a vast world from above the tree tops. A world that stretches from the snow covered mountains on one side, all the way to the crashing waves of the ocean on the other. The only way to access this world is to jump off the branch that you are sitting on. Of course you could get a few cuts and scrapes trying. But now the only thing scarier than a few cuts and scrapes, is the thought of not trying at all. As you continue to stare out at this new world that is full of possibilities, the little branch starts to feel smaller and smaller by the second. Until finally you realize that you can’t stay on this branch anymore, even if you tried.

This is the power of shifting your perspective from one of fear, to one of possibilities. When you focus on possibilities, you are not worried about the few cuts and scrapes that you might get along the way. All you can see is the possibility of all of the wonder and beauty that you have to gain. When you make decisions from this place, you will always make the right decision. For no matter how scary it might be, it is in this decision that your ultimate life waits for you!
And remember, as Eleanor Rooselvelt once said: 
 "You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Can you relate? Do you have a story to share? 
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