For the longest time I have thought about how I can share the story of my own personal healing journey, in the hopes that it might help or inspire others who might be in a similar situation. The idea finally came to me after watching a powerful episode of Marie TV where she shared an intimate interview with Marianne Williamson. There they discussed how we as a society have made it inappropriate to feel anything deemed unpleasant. This includes a whole rainbow of natural human emotions such as sadness, grief, anger, hate, despair, etc. And we will do just about anything to escape these emotions including medications, addictions and other unhealthy distractions.

Therefore I’ve decided to create a separate blog series devoted entirely to sharing my own personal healing journey. The blog will be a collection of personal stories, experiences and lessons that lead me on my own journey of healing and spiritual transformation. Unedited and unfiltered, these posts will dive deep into the pain and trauma that I experienced, all the wrong ways that I tried to deal with it all, the mess that was created as a result, and how I finally found my way through the darkness and into the light. And how I did this is by finally getting real.

We need to start getting real about life and stop avoiding all the real and raw emotions that we deem to be unpleasant. We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And we have to remember that everything exists only in its duality:

Without sadness, we would never know true happiness.
Without pain, we would never know true pleasure.
And without hate, we would never know true love.

So in these posts I will openly and honestly share my own personal stories of pain and trauma, and all that I learned from them. If you would you would like to follow these posts please do. If not, don’t. I promise that no offense will be taken. But whether you read them or not, I ask you to remember one thing: that we are all only human, each of us on our own unique journey. And within that journey, we each bring our own strengths and weaknesses, trials and triumphs. Anytime we try to be anything more or less is not only a complete injustice to our own existence here in this lifetime, but a powerful message to the world around us that is not okay to just be human. That it's not okay to be ourselves. 

Can you relate? Do you have a story to share? 
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