So many of us are uncomfortable when it comes to receiving, and this could be in the form of anything from love, to wealth, to support, to attention and recognition.

It goes back to having learned at a young age that it is better and more noble to give than it is to receive. Or perhaps somewhere inside you believe that the more you give the more you’ll be loved, and vice versa. But you have to ask yourself, why is it okay for others to receive more than you? What is it that makes you less valuable or less worthy than everyone else? I got news for you honey...you’re just as important as everyone else and just as worthy! You just need to be believe it.

When we’re uncomfortable receiving anything in particular, we block ourselves completely from receiving anything. Stop the insanity now!! It’s time that you bust that belief and be fully open to receive all of the gifts that the universe has waiting for you. Remember that you are here to be abundant. The universe wants you to be abundant. So step out of your own way so that you can start receiving. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

This mantra is designed to help you do just that. 

Did you try the mantra? Did it work for you?
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