Today we are talking about co-dependency. We all have good days and bad days. And that’s okay! Such is life. When it becomes not okay is when we let the attitudes and behaviors of others dictate our own happiness.

It’s easy to feel good when others around us are feeling good. But what about when that doesn’t happen. What if the people around us are not having a good day, and are not showing up for us in a way that feels good. Do we let that ruin our day or how we feel about ourselves? Well we could, but is that really serving us?

When we become codependent on others, or anything else outside ourselves for that matter to make us happy, it becomes an addiction like any other. We feel great when we have that fix, and then quickly plummet when we don’t. This is powerful enough to send us into a desperate spiral of trying to find the next fix. As this desperation is fear based, we only end up pushing away that which we want most, happiness. Besides, there is no greater burden that we can place on the ones that we love than to ask them to make us happy.

So how do we stop it? By showing up for ourselves and recognizing that we can always tap into our own happiness. By making our happiness something that comes from within, as opposed to trying to live without.

When we choose to let our happiness be determined by our environment, we wind up living in darkness with only a few fleeting moments of happiness. When we choose to harness the power to cultivate happiness from within, we live in happiness with only fleeting moments of darkness. Never forget that you always have the power to choose. Which will you choose?

This mantra is designed to help you do just that. 

Did you try the mantra? Did it work for you?
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