The worst thing that we can do as human beings, is to allow our own self-worth to be determined by the opinions and expectations of others. When we do this, not only are we attracting all sorts of people who are unable to value us for who we are, but we are completely disempowering ourselves from finding our own self-worth. 

Self-worth is called such because it is not something that can ever be shown, proven or validated externally. It must come from within. That means loving, honoring and accepting yourself just as you are, with no exceptions or conditions. It even means loving your own imperfections as a beautiful part of what make you a unique human being.  

I promise you that when you take the initiative to love and value yourself from this place, the universe will do everything possible to reflect that love back to you. 

This mantra is designed to help you do just that. 

Did you try the mantra? Did it work for you? 
Leave your comments in the box below this post. 

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