Many of us are afraid to be powerful. Although many people associate being powerful with having power over other people, which in some instances might be true, in the spiritual sense of the word nothing could be farther from the truth. To be powerful from a spiritual perspective, means to speak our truth and to show up as our authentic selves without any apology or hesitation.

Maybe we are afraid to be powerful because we think we won’t be liked or accepted, or simply because we’ve been brought up to believe that it’s just not nice for girls to be powerful. But we have to remember that we are already exactly who we were sent here to be at this moment. And when we hold ourselves back or hide who we are to please others or for any other reason, we deprive the world of the very essence that we were sent here to be.

So it’s okay to be powerful. In fact, you must be powerful. For your sake and for everyone else's. For it’s only when you stand lovingly in your own power that the universe can benefit from everything that it sent you here to bring.

This mantra is designed to help you do just that. 

Did you try the mantra? Did it work for you?
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