We all have difficult times in our lives. Sometimes this can be at a very personal level, or it can even be as a result of what’s happening around us in our communities or even on a global scale. Either way, chaos, change, confrontation and disruption is part of the world that we live in, not to mention an integral part of the human experience. And the worst thing that we can do for ourselves as human beings is to let that bring us down or make us angry in any way.

Anger is nothing more that a fuel. A powerful fuel that will only serve to create more of what we don’t want: chaos, confrontation and disruption.

We all have the power to choose peace, above everything else. Peace is not something that we can attain from outside of us. Peace is something that we create from within us. And when we choose to show up with peace within, we send out that powerful and loving vibration into the universe to be shared and enjoyed by everyone around us. Not to mention, it’s a vibration that is absolutely contagious. So as we make the choice to show up with peace in our hearts, more and more people will start to do the same.

So do your part to start a peace epidemic today. Make the choice to do what is well within your power to make the world a better place.

This mantra is designed to help you do just that. 

Did you try the mantra? Did it work for you?
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